live through this and you won't look back (buffyx) wrote in originaldisney,
live through this and you won't look back

Ready To Run

I will give my right arm if anyone happens to have a copy of Ready to Run that they might be interested in getting to me. Or at least screencaps/stills.

I used to have it on tape, except I believe it has been taped over, and I loved it so, so much. So, uh, if anyone could help me out, it would be insanely appreciated. It's not even on the official Disney site anymore, but hopefully if nothing else, they will play it around Derby day (which I believe they've done in the past?).

Anyway. Help is appreciated! My email happens to be:, if anyone miraculously has a copy of the movie and wants to send it to me (I would be willing to pay $$).
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